Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keep telling me this will be funny in 10 years...

This morning the kids got into my sewing desk, grabbed the scissors and gave themselves new haircuts. It's not too funny today but people keep telling me it will be in 10 years.

How in the world did she get that close to his scalp??

Thank God they didn't cut an ear off. Hair grows back, ears don't.

Before shaving his head completely; Brian gave Roland the "Poppy" look.


  1. Wow. That's ... Wow. I guess we got off easy.

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    sweet children! I miss those days!

  3. And I'm a stalker here too! Teeheehee! You can't get away! This made me laugh. Now, I'll just have to work on you to post more recent material so I have some more to stalk. :)